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Industries We Serve

We offer a wide portfolio of security services across every industry .It is our wide range of experience in many industries that allows us to bring a comprehensive security package to satisfy your security requirements. You can trust California Shield Protection Services to provide the best protection for your facility, no matter what's your industry is.

Below are a few of the industries which we commonly serve. Don't See your Industry? No Problem, We can still provide you with expert security services at your facility.

  • Apartment Buildings
  • Construction Job Sites
  • Financial Institutions
  • Gated Communities
  • Hotel/ Motel
  • Malls Shopping Center
  • Parking Lot
  • Restaurants
  • Banks
  • Education Institutions
  • Factories
  • High-rise Residential/ Commercial
  • Hospitals
  • Manufacturing- Industries
  • Religious Facilities
  • Warehouse
  • Car Dealers
  • Embassies & Consulate
  • General Businesses
  • Home Owners Association
  • Health Facilities
  • Office Buildings / Commercial
  • Retail Environments
  • Transportation Facilities


Construction Sites

Transportation and Logistics

Malls & Shopping Center

HOA/Gated Communities

Warehouses & Manufacturing Industries

Office Buildings/Commercial

High-Rise Residential

Parking Lot

Fire Watch Services

High-Rise Residential

Apartment Buildings

If you manage an apartment community, you understand that your job is to provide a safe place for your residents to live. To help you fulfill your responsibilities, you need to hire the best security guards in the industry. One of the most effective ways of ensuring the safety of residents in an Apartments is to hire private security guards. The role of an apartment security guard is more than just a visible deterrent to crime. Their jobs are complex and require expert training, professionalism and skill to handle a multitude of challenging safety issues.

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Warehouses, Manufacturing & Industries

Manufacturing, Warehouse or factories owners must ensure their building and employees' safety and security amid shrinking budgets, strict state and/or federal regulatory rules, and other responsibilities. These facilities are often quiet and inactive after business hours. This is when intruders can steal or damage property. California Shield Protection Services provides affordable security solutions to protect your warehouse from break-ins, vandals and other trespassers .With California Shield Protection Services at your side, you can rest assured that we have the safety security knowledge that relates to the industry. We can craft a personalized security service that is dependent on your particular needs and goals. California Shield Protection Services has an impressive corporate safety record and experience with industrial security that makes us a formidable manufacturing plant security partner to be at your side.

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Parking Lot

Parking lots have become mandatory for all places like corporate buildings, apartments, shopping complexes, hotels, and other public areas. Those who park their vehicle in these parking lots believe that there is adequate security to make sure their vehicle is safe. Parking lots are vulnerable to various criminal activities and with the assistance of a trained security guard, you can deter all sorts of crimes. California Shield Protection Services can provide guards who are far more effective than a camera system, which is too predictable. California Shield Protection Services offers the ability to mitigate, deter or report any potential theft, vandalism, property damage, or violent crime that may occur; keeping your guests and employees safe.

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Car Dealers

One of the most frequent issues affecting car sales companies is Security. Car Dealership Security Guards are a must for any auto dealer. Car dealerships are busy places. Large sales lots, suburban dealership locations, crowded with millions of dollars of inventory. and high foot traffic are just some of the factors that make car dealerships an easy target for theft and vandalism. California Shield Protection Services are able to keep watch over the activity surrounding your car dealership 24 hours a day, serving as an effective deterrent to thieves and vandals and allowing you to run your business smoothly, effectively, and without interruption.

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Office Buildings / Commercial

California Shield Protection Services understands that commercial facilities and office buildings have a large number of security concerns and that their security plans must prioritize the safety of their customers and employees while providing access and perimeter and control, loss prevention, and emergency response. We will secure your properties, assets and tenants from theft, vandalism, and personal injury. We will prevent unauthorized access to your site, and maintain fire watches. Our highly trained personnel and access control systems provide a sense of security from the moment that clients and employees enter your office building. We make it easy for you to arrange for our service, whether you have one site or multiple sites in different geographic areas. We are able to build lasting relationships with our clients because of our commitment to their best interests, which allows our clients to focus on their business while we focus on ours, which is keeping their clients, employees and property safe.

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High-Rise Residential

We understand what is necessary to handle the new challenges and responsibilities that residential high-rise buildings face. High rise residential buildings located in prominent areas and experiencing high foot traffic have residents and guests coming in and going out at all times. These residential buildings have unique security threats that can be mitigated by responsive and expert security offers that follow security best practices and take precautionary measures to prevent adverse situations. Our officers are trained and chosen for their exceptional inter-personal and observation skills. They can protect the property from damage and vandalism, patrol surrounding areas, control parking, monitor visitors' check-ins, prevent access to prohibited articles, and maintain regular written reports of activities and irregularities. Often serving as the first impression of an establishment, our officers are courteous, efficient and helpful.

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Malls & Shopping Center

Mall and Shopping centers have become major marketing and merchandising centers drawing in millions of people daily. All stores and retail centers have employees, shoppers, parking lots, which are prone to theft and need in-store security The safety and security of shopping centers play a huge role in the positive experiences of retail tenants, employees, and shoppers. The presence of highly-skilled security professionals working to maintain and improve the public perception of the shopping center is key to creating an inviting environment. By putting your customer's interest and safety above other things, you can deliver a truly satisfying experience for everyone. We serve all types of retail centers. A comprehensive retail security program gives you control over the happenings at the shopping center that substantially reduces unwanted incidents.

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HOA/ Gated Communities

Securing residential communities and private property is a specialized aspect of our company. Gated communities appeal to homeowners for the privacy and security that they provide. You can ensure that those expectations are met by staffing your gate with professional, competent and reliable security agents who are experienced in gated community security. At California Shield Protection Services ,we take pride in our ability to provide each community with solutions based on their specific needs and goals. California Shield Protection Services experience with gated community security gives us a thorough understanding that gated communities require the most skilled personnel to create an environment of safety for their residents. Whether you require entrance checkpoint control and announcement, mobile security patrols or executive home and property protection, California Shield Protection Services custom fits the right program to meet your specific needs.

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Transportation and Logistics

California Shield Protection Services has the experience necessary to ensure that transportation and logistics will not be disrupted due to security matters. If you market a product of any sort, then you are involved in logistics, from purchasing of raw materials to manufacturing, inventory, and distribution. From implementation onward, you are assured high-level security services and attention to the specific needs of your environment, with full-service security solutions that are focused on protecting your people, property, and other assets. California Shield Protection Services officers go through extensive pre-employment screening, training and supervision and can provide your logistics operation perimeter security, ingress and egress control, interior patrol, truck yard patrols and monitoring, seal verification, as well as additional services that will ensure your profitable operations.

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Construction Sites

Construction sites have a lot of valuable materials and equipment left out in the open that need to be secured from theft and damage. Since not all equipment can be stored in the warehouse day after day, a strong on-site security team is needed to monitor and ensure no losses occur. Property damage due to trespassing individuals, bad weather, and other natural occurrences also have to be addressed. We specialize in preventing vandalism, theft, & provide security for all construction Sites. We will stand post when your workers leave in the afternoon and we will be there when they will back onsite in the morning! We will provide cell phones, warning signs , Daily activity report, Incident report and such other tools and/or equipment required to monitor activity on your site. Our security officer will spend time to patrol every 30-45 minutes to monitor the site & write Daily Activity Reports. This type of "Watch" is the best deterrent for thefts. Save both time & money when you use our services. We can provide a portable security headquarters (trailer) set up on construction site; we will supply and install a perimeter alarm Sensor system customized to the needs of your site.

An experienced construction site security team can protect your site from theft, vandalism, and trespassers. You need strict access control protocols, security professionals and mobile patrols to safeguard your investment. Avoid project delays due to damage to property, materials, and equipment by working with a highly-rated construction security services team.

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